There are good habits, and there are bad habits. A wise person once told me that we are creatures of habit. So if you work towards eliminating bad habits, that doesn’t mean you get rid of all habits. It only means that you pick up more good ones. Yes, we can be spontaneous, but people aren’t as spontaneous as they would like to believe. Life brings about spontaneity and change, and we as humans adapt.

Think about the habits that you have. Work is a habit. School is a habit. There are great habits, small habits, daily habits and more. Some practices fall into more than one category. So why are habits so important? Well, since we are creatures of habit, it is always important to work on changes we need to make. No one said we just need only to keep pursuing our same old habits. We do for a time, but again, life, people, relationships and more bring about spontaneous change. This is important when it comes to growth, and it also helps us to change, let go, be selfless and truly live.

Breaking free of habits can sometimes be important, especially when you are talking about bad habits. For example, I’m a smoker and would certainly like to break free of that bad habit. However, it can also be important to break free of good habits. Say what? Yes, and if it were out another way, you would certainly agree. So let’s look at an example.

Let’s say that a young man loves to play video games. In college, he plays with his friends during downtime. They get together often, and it’s a weekly habit, give or take, that he enjoys. As a matter of fact, for him, it’s a daily habit. Now, video games are entertaining, stimulating and a lot of fun. But we all know the rest of the story.

He graduates from college, and he and all of his friends start careers. Some of them start families, and life along with the growth that comes with it changes our habits. Will he ever play a video game again? Sure he will, but just not nearly as often.

It is also important to pick up beliefs as habits. How does that happen? Well, I am a firm believer in discipline. I don’t always have it, but who does? It is important to get in the ‘habit’ of reminding yourself to be disciplined, respectful and patient, just to name a few.

It is interesting to discuss certain beliefs as habits because they are feelings, virtues, important parts of our character and who we are. Listen, just because we have habits doesn’t make us robotic. And, not all beliefs can be part of our ‘habits.’ Moreover, it is not the belief itself that is the habit but the reminding of ourselves to be the best we can be. It is the same reminder that helps us work against our bad habits. Inward, we are something much bigger than a creature of habit, but we have our physical bodies and life to deal with, don’t we?

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