There are so many great books focused on self-improvement. Self Improvement is a trendy section in bookstores, online and offline, and it is also a vast category. Even narrowing it down to popular books to get you started still leaves the field of choices wide open. There are so many great books that it will be difficult to choose from this list. Let me take you on a journey, a list of books to help you get started on the rest of your trip, one of personal development and self-improvement.

I always begin with my faith. The Bible is more than self-improvement to me. It is going to source for truth, and books like Proverbs can make you think deeply about the way you live. The Bible will get you feel about the way you live and love in general. This is the living word.

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace is another great book. I got my first copy of this book in 1996, and I still have it today. I also have the revised version and another book of his, too, called Total Money Makeover. Now before we get ahead of ourselves here, I want to tell you more about the first book, Financial Peace, regarding self-improvement.

I have reread parts of that book so many times over the years to help me break through the baby steps program. I can hear my sister laughing right now because of the whole Bill Murray parallel. Anyway, the baby steps program in his book and everything else included in the book for that matter is a good read. It does help you get your finances in order in a very cut and dry fashion.

I mentioned Total Money Makeover as another book by Dave Ramsey that I own. The man is quite popular in the financial world, kind of like the Warren Buffet of personal finance. He is not only well respected, but he has published many other books. So if you are thinking about things financially when it comes to personal development and self-improvement, Dave Ramsey is your go to guy.

Have you heard of Dale Carnegie? His book How To Win Friends and Influence People is an excellent book. Or Napoleon Hill’s classic “Think and Grow Rich”.

Another great starter book for personal development is the biography of the life of Billy Graham. Okay, it may not be for everyone, but you can pull a multidue of success principles out of it. While attending college, I did a book report about the biography and his life, and I think it is a great book to learn from.

I also like The Giving Tree. The Purpose Driven Life is also a good book, and another recommendation I have for you is also a little unusual and perhaps biased. In college, I took a class about Jack Kerouac. The entire class was about his works, and we mainly focused on a book called On The Road. The author’s Lifestyle and the lifestyles of the characters in the book aren’t ones I would condone; however, I just happened to learn a lot from reading the book and enjoyed the class. I did enjoy the book, too, as it is one of my favorites, just very controversial, as was Jack Kerouac, from the Beat Generation.

That is quite the list of books to get you started on your journey of personal development. As you check those out, you will run into others naturally that look like good reads. It is always a good day to pick up a book, whether in print or the digital version. When the topic is self improvement and personal development, then what you are reading is always about moving forward in life.

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